How we work?


1 - You book your free home visit consultation

After receving your consultation request, our sales will contact you via your phone number to schedule home visit which comfortable to you.

2 - Discuss on your need and help you choose the right package

After we have thoroughly understood your need, our sale will give you a fix quotation based on your requirement. And he will help to schedule your first cleaning.

3 - Our cleaning technicians come, happy house

In the shedule time, the cleaning team will come with all the necessary equipments. You come home and enjoy a clean, healthy living environment.

Why we are a good solution for you?

We save your time, we save your money

Simply put, our goal at Vietmaid is to obtain 100% satisfaction in our service. Our consultant will give you fix quotation, no fine print, no asterisks, no worries. Either you satisfy, or we gladly return and re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge.

We focus on people

Our methodology is “Happy staff – Happy customer”. We have created thoroughly recruitment process to select people with great personality – trained them and give them the right tools to make sure you will happy with what you pay for.

Environment friendly product

The main purpose of a clean house is a good health. So it makes no sense to clean your house with heavy chemical products. We make sure our cleaning product is the best to minimize impact to your health.